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There is an ever-growing amount of organizations, resources and research regarding climate change, health, and disability. The pages in this section provide resources on the many connections between climate, health, and disability. They are broken into topics such as medicine & the environment, high level resources on climate & health and climate & disability, and more specific aspects of the climate crisis – such as climate mitigation, natural disasters, and climate-influenced migration.


Currently, some specific climate topics have limited or no literature or resources on their connection to health and disability. This is true, for example, with migration and with land use & transportation. In those cases, we provide resources on the connections between climate and that topic, and the connections between disability & health and that topic (e.g., disability and migration in general).​

If you have any resources, organizations or agencies that you think should be included in this list, contact us at the link below. Thank you!

Topics on Climate, Health & Disability

Click the links below to see different topics on climate, health & disability.

Want to know the basics of climate change or go into the details? This section includes resources on climate change including organizations, journals and publications.

Get oriented with the world of disability! This section features a collection of disability -related organizations, government agencies and publications

Climate change creates all sorts of risks to public health, from worst air pollution to water-born diseases. This section features websites, organizations, journals and publications on climate and health. It also includes publications on medicine and the environment.

People with disabilities are uniquely affected and disproportionally harmed by climate change. This section features websites, reports, articles, and scholarship on the connections between climate and disability – including how people with disabilities are impacted and how to limit those impacts.

SOA Advisory Board and Team members are very involved in presenting and publishing peer-reviewed articles related to topics on climate, health & disability. Find out how they are contributing to these important issues.

These resources cover the many current and potential consequences of climate change, and their connections to both health and disability. Among other consequences, natural disasters including storms, forest fires, and heat waves will grow in frequency and intensity; there will be large-scale displacement from slow-onset changes and one-off disasters; poverty will increase as climate change impacts economies and the movements of good and services; and there will be growing hunger as climate change affects crops and their movement.

Climate mitigation and sustainability efforts are critical for protecting lives and well-being into the future. Mitigation is the process of reducing carbon emissions and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere to limit warming and climate changes. Environmental sustainability involves other efforts to protect the environment. People with disabilities and the healthcare industry must be included in mitigation and sustainability efforts.

Transportation, urban & regional planning are inextricably connected to climate change. With good transportation and planning, we can create a more sustainable society. Transportation networks and the layouts of our society affect public health and the well-being & independence of people with disabilities. This section covers those connections.

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