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Climate Consequences: Disasters, Migration, Poverty & Hunger

There are many current and potential consequences of climate change. Natural disasters including storms, forest fires, and heat waves will become more intense and happen more frequently. Slow-onset changes and one-off disasters will create displacement and migration. Poverty will grow as climate change harms economies and hampers the flow of goods and services. And hunger will increase due to growing poverty and disasters' impact on farms. These impacts will have dramatic consequences for health and disproportionately harm people with disabilities.

In some cases, there are either no or very few resources connecting certain climate impacts to disability and/or health. When that's the case, sections below will include resources that make the best connections possible. For example, there are few resources on climate migration and disability – so we also include resources on climate and migration, and resources on disability and migration in general.

Natural Disasters


Climate Change

Disability: Stakeholders & Resources

Health: Stakeholders & Resources

Poverty and Hunger

Climate Change

Disability: Resources

Health: Stakeholders & Resources

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