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Our Mission

Sustain Our Abilities is dedicated to conquering climate change, tackling climate-related health impacts, and expanding climate justice for people with disabilities through education, organizing, research and advocacy. We work to bring people with and without disabilities together to transform climate adaptation and mitigation in ways that improve the independence, health and well-being of people with and without disabilities. SOA is committed to building bridges between stakeholders – including disability nonprofits and activists; climate change organizations; medical and rehabilitation professionals; government agencies; and other interested parties – as a key strategy to expand disability climate justice.

What We Do


SOA educates the public and relevant stakeholders on the intersection of climate, health, and disability. Our educational efforts include in person presentations, webinars, workshops, conferences, creating educational materials, and more.


SOA's staff, partners and Advisory Board members include some of the top researchers in the world on climate, health, and disability justice. We often collaborate on quantitative and qualitative research efforts. If you'd like to collaborate, contact us.


The GRAHAM and Day for Tomorrow are our main activities to illuminate the importance of climate health equity and disability climate justice. Learn how you can host an awareness-raising event at the Day for Tomorrow page or by contacting us.


SOA works with our partners to push leaders and decision-makers to better address climate health equity and disability climate justice. This work includes policy development, signature-gathering, and one-on-one advocacy.

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