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people walking and wheeling down the streets of Philadelphia holding a day for tomorrow sign.


Our Mission

Sustain Our Abilities is dedicated to helping all people sustain quality of life in our changing world. We work to tackle pollution and climate-related health impacts, and expand climate justice for people with disabilities through advising, education, organizing, research and advocacy. We work to bring people together to transform climate adaptation and mitigation in ways that improve the independence, health and well-being of people with and without disabilities. SOA is committed to advising organizations about methods to engage the disability and climate change  communities and build bridges between stakeholders –nonprofits, activists; climate change organizations; medical and rehabilitation professionals; corporations, government agencies; and other interested parties – as a key strategy to expand critical environmental justice.

What We Do


SOA actively conducts educational programs on climate change and disability around the world. We are available to assist you in developing an educational event whether it is in person, virtual, just a talk, short workshop or entire conference.  


SOA's team includes top researchers on climate, health, and disability justice. We are available to advise and collaborate on quantitative and qualitative research efforts and implementation of sustainable solutions. 


The Graham (The Green Route Aiding Healthy Adaptation and Mitigation) and Day for Tomorrow emphasize the importance of healthy living spaces and community. We want to work with you, because community is necessary to conquer climate change.  You can easily host an awareness-raising event for Day for Tomorrow and follow the Graham. 


SOA is available to advise your organization or company on disability and critical environmental justice in our changing world. We can work with you on policy development and organizational change, as our world evolves and responds to the challenges of pollution and climate change. 

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