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Sustain Our Abilities offers a diverse range of online educational events, including webinars, workshops, and panel discussions. These virtual gatherings bring together experts, advocates, and community members to explore crucial topics related to climate change, health, equity, and disability justice. We host these events on our own and in partnership with other leading organizations.


As part of our commitment to accessibility and continuous learning, most  recordings of past events including Climate Health 2023 are available our You Tube Channel, allowing you to access valuable resources and insights at your own pace and use the YouTube translation function.

If your organization is interested in cohosting an event or having an expert from SOA present on a webinar or panel, get in touch through the Contact Us section of our website!


Online Events

Event Recordings

You can watch and listen to our previous events that are not available on our YouTube channel online through the links below. Learn about different aspects of climate, health, and disability here!

Climate Change, Disability, and Rehabilitation Workshop
In Partnership with the Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education

This 4-part workshop, timed for Day for Tomorrow 2022, highlighted the urgent need for rehabilitation providers to work together globally with persons with disabilities and specialists in other areas to further climate justice and well-being.

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