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Partners & Sponsors


Sustain Our Abilities' partners represent a network of organizations and entities working on health equity and disability climate justice. We collaborate on research, education, awareness-raising and advocacy to open minds and safeguard health and well-being. Whether it's publishing research together or co-hosting conferences, we work together to transform the world for people with and without disabilities. We are grateful to all of our partners and the fantastic work they do on their own, and the work we do together.​

As an SOA partner, you can join this movement. Let us know how you'd like to collaborate.

Our Current Partners

Logo for the Columbia Mailman School of Public Health's Global Consortium on Climate and Health Education. Crown drawing and plane text.
Logo for the Rebuilding Hope on Wheels Initiative.
Logo for the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine
thumbnail_Environmental Physiotherapy Association LOGO.png

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Climate change is the most important issue affecting humanity. Sponsoring Sustain Our Abilities gives you an incredible opportunity to help ensure that youth are provided appropriate education about the perils of climate change and how we can collectively conquer it. We also work to ensure people’s quality of life remains paramount as civilization tackles current and future challenges. It can also help you tap into an active and engaged diversity-conscious and socially aware audience of all abilities, giving your company unprecedented brand exposure in line with your corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Our Current Sponsors

Climate & Health Foundation Logo. Heart shape with design of oceans and continents. Stethoscope.

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