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Day for Tomorrow, October 22, is a day for people to connect in community activities and raise awareness about our need to transition to healthy, accessible, sustainable, and inclusive natural and built environments. SOA volunteers and partners host awareness-raising events and activities, such as public presentations, nature hikes, or tree-planting parties. Day for Tomorrow strives to bring together people with and without disabilities, environmental advocates and the broader community to learn about climate justice and move toward a better tomorrow.

Read on to learn more about Day for Tomorrow and to learn how you can host an event…

Day for Tomorrow multi-colored logo with cartoon characters of ambulatory people, someone with a cane and somebody using a wheelchair.

We Are Establishing

An international intergenerational movement and events to expand participation by persons with and without disabilities in climate justice in mitigation and adaptation.

We Are Supporting

Inclusive communities where people with and without disabilities can use their strengths, perspectives and experiences to fight climate change and push for climate justice.

We Are Creating

Campaigns to educate and promote a green route aiding a healthy atmosphere along with inclusive adaptation for all.

Why Day for Tomorrow? 

People everywhere are experiencing the consequences of a changing climate, from stronger storms to hotter heat waves to growing displacement. People with disabilities are especially hard-hit by the consequences of climate change at physical, economic and social levels. Take heat waves as an example: some disabilities make it difficult to manage body temperature during extreme heat; people with disabilities may not have enough money to pay for high air conditioning bills; and some people with disabilities don’t have the transportation options to easily reach cooling shelters. Day for Tomorrow brings together people in community to fight climate change by understanding these problems, taking action against climate change in inclusive ways and pushing governments to have more inclusive climate policies and practices.

Day for Tomorrow also connects community members to nature in ways that support physical and mental health. We need this movement because our built environments often get in the way of connecting with nature, the outdoors, and all their benefits for physical and mental health. For example, our automobile-focused infrastructure doesn’t provide enough sidewalks, safe bike lanes and public transit to have active transportation and easily reach nature – and often makes it so people with and without disabilities are overly isolated from nature and their communities. Day for Tomorrow events bring people together for activities and education and help communities transform our built environment for the better. These events and their impacts will continue to improve physical and mental health well into the future.

Ultimately, Day for Tomorrow is more than a day – it is a concept: for people to connect with their communities, be prepared, build climate resilience, and transform our built environment to be more sustainable, safe, and healthy for people with and without disabilities!

Three women outside, in front of a car. Two are standing and wearing "day for tomorrow" tank tops. One woman in a striped shirt is sitting down in a wheelchair.
Host an event

Host An Event.

You can host a Day for Tomorrow event any time you like – and even make it a weekly or monthly activity!

Tall poster for Day for Tomorrow. Logo, cartoon figures of ambulatory and people with disabilities. Text reading "community can conquer climate change, October 22." Logo for GRAHAM (green routine eating healthy adaptation and mitigation) and Sustain Our Abilities

Steps For Hosting A Day

  1. Organize your planning team

  2. Pick your event-could be a talk, a zoom hour, a walk and roll or whatever you choose

  3. Recruit participants through social media, using our poster

  4. Determine your goals for actions and solicit pledges.

  5. Send out information to all.

  6. Have a great day, collect pictures, and start planning your future actions. 

Also, just because October 22nd is Day for Tomorrow it doesn’t mean you can’t make more than one Day for Tomorrow, e.g. monthly, weekly, or daily!


  • A way to build community and Sustain Our Abilities. 

  • A way to start your Graham-Green Route Aiding a Healthy AtMosphere.

  • A way to educate people about climate change and disability climate justice. 

  • A way to ensure you are prepared for extreme weather and other climate-related events.

  • A way to promote outdoor activity and the physical and mental benefits of outdoor engagement.

  • A team-building experience that will create goodwill for your organization and clients.

  • A way to spotlight issues that people are having now and to build collective action.

  • A way to have fun and meet your neighbors!

  • A way to promote your organization to the community.


Your tax-deductible donation to Sustain Our Abilities supports Day for Tomorrow and all our other work on health equity and disability climate justice. Thank you for your support!


You can take part in Day for Tomorrow by making a pledge to reduce your environmental footprint or advocate for health equity and disability climate justice. Use our Make a Pledge form to tell us what you'll do on Day for Tomorrow!

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