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Transportation, Regional Planning & Urban Planning

Transportation, urban & regional planning are inextricably connected to climate change. With good transportation and planning, we can create a more sustainable society. Transportation networks and the layouts of our society affect public health and the well-being & independence of people with disabilities. This section covers those connections.

Climate Change

U.S. EPA: Carbon Pollution from Transportation

Information available on programs to reduce carbon pollution from transportation

SLPCAT Transport, Climate and Sustainability Global Status Report

Data, resources, and targets on transport demand, emissions, and policies

How Does Transit Help the Climate?

Shen, K. X. (2022). How does transit help the climate? The Equation.

Yale Climate Connections: A brief introduction to climate change and transportation

Lieberman, B. (2022, October 17). A brief introduction to climate change and Transportation " Yale Climate Connections. Yale Climate Connections.

Sustainable Transport, Sustainable Development

United Nations. (2021). Sustainable transport, sustainable development. Interagency report for second Global Sustainable Transport Conference.

Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU): Sustainability

Various articles and resources available about sustainable transportation

C40 Knowledge Hub. Integrating Climate Adaptation: A toolkit for urban planners and adaptation practitioners

The toolkit is available in multiple languages (French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English).


Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health: Transportation, Equity, Climate and Health Project (TRECH)

The TRECH project is part of C-CHANGE. Research and news articles are available related to transportation and health.

American Public Health Association: Transportation and Health

Research, resources, factsheets, case studies, and articles are available

Public Transportation In The US: A Driver Of Health And Equity

Heaps, W., Abramsohn, E., & Skillen, E. (2021). Public transportation in the US: A driver of Health and equity. Health Affairs.

Smart Growth America: The State of Transportation and Health Equity

Information about the biggest challenges to health equity facing transportation systems and strategies to address them

Clarifying the Connections between Urban Planning, Land-Use Policy, and Health Disparities

Larsen, L., Knaap, G., Nedovic-Budic, Z., & Williams, B. (2022). (rep.). Clarifying the connections between urban planning, land use policy, and health disparities (pp. 1–33). Lincoln Institute of Land Policy.


An architectural firm that focuses on the intersection of green building, climate change, and public health


Cities for All: Global Campaign on Inclusive and Accessible Cities

Introductory information about inclusive and accessible urban development

American Planning Association: Inclusive mobility

Information about applying universal design to public transportation

The Precarious Absence of Disability Perspectives in Planning Research. Urban Planning

Terashima, M., & Clark, K. (2021). The precarious absence of disability perspectives in planning research. Urban Planning, 6(1), 120–132.

A Car Ban Will Improve the State of the Climate, But Is It Ableist?

Grover, S. (2022). A car ban will improve the state of the climate, but is it ableist?. Treehugger.

We Need a Better Word Than ‘Walkable'

Alter, L. (2019). We need a better word than “walkable.” Treehugger.

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