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The GRAHAM (Green Route Aiding Healthy Adaptation and Mitigation) was inspired by Graham Alexander, who was passionate about the outdoors and its benefits regarding inner peace and mental health. The GRAHAM emphasizes how an accessible, healthy outdoors helps people of all ages and abilities stay healthy, both physically and mentally and how community can support mental health, awareness and action about climate justice for people with and without disabilities. 





Day for Tomorrow is officially on October 22 and can be considered as a sibling to Earth Day focused on people. It is a day for people to connect in community activities and raise awareness about our need to transition to healthy, accessible and sustainable inclusive natural and built environments. A Day for Tomorrow is any day you take the Green Route Aiding Healthy Adaptation and Mitigation. Day for Tomorrow can also be used to describe any educational events related to climate change, climate justice and health. 

Learn more at our Day for Tomorrow page and our section on Hosting an Event.



You can make a difference through individual and community actions! Visit our page on Making a Pledge to see what you can do to lower your carbon footprint and pursue conquering climate change through climate justice – then make a pledge to make a difference.

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