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Sustain Our Abilities runs on volunteers. We thrive when people with passion - who believe in equality, working together as a team, and providing mutual aid - come together to share knowledge and experiences related to disability and climate change. Our volunteers create local events and virtual programming, accessible around the world, to educate people with disabilities and health care professionals about topics related to climate change, climate health, and extreme weather events through the lens of disability. We are also working to educate people with and without disabilities about climate change and disasters and the need to act now to sustain our abilities.

Hands Up

Explanation of SOA volunteer rolls

Communications Team
We need leaders for our facebook, twitter and instagram feeds. We need people to amplify our message about our educational programs and the Day for Tomorrow. We need people from different countries to participate in this activity; however the social media posts will primarily be in English. With regards to public relations if you could get a story on our work in your country we'd be happy for you to do this in any language!

Day for Tomorrow
Are you passionate about keeping the earth the beautiful place it is? Do you care about people, animals, life and the environment?  The help us start a movement to make sure that people with and without disabilities are able to survive and thrive on our planet! We need you to help us organize our annual Day for Tomorrow International Event or to work on local events in your community! We also need you to help us provide programming and education regarding climate change and disasters and the need for community. We also need you to help us spread information about the importance of sustainability in health care and day to day life!


Event Management
Are you good at events? Can you create brochures and organize things? Then help us make this happen? As we grow and put on more and more events we will need you to make sure things are on time, programs run well and everything runs smoothly.

We need to continue our mission and this will take funding. Can you help us start a fundraising campaign or are you interested in working on grants? Are you a budding or retired fundraiser that cares about people with disabilities and the environment? If so, we'd love to have you help!  

Professional Education
Are you a professional in the rehabilitation field that would like to share your knowledge and talks with others around the world? If so, then help us by speaking and setting up programming in your area of expertise? This is a great way to become known to share your knowledge with others.  

Video Production/Management
Are you a budding videographer? Do you want to help make our youtube channel the go to source for education for persons with disabilities around the world? Then we need you on the video production/management team. We need help with creating videos, uploading videos, structuring our channel and making sure all videos are available for translation in as many ways possible. This is a great opportunity for professionals in rehabilitation to ensure they are providing the best information possible for persons with disabilities, professionals and the people that care about them. 

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